- Materials used in offset disc harrows are inspected completely before manufacturing step and prepared for manufacturing after passing along the test step and quality materials are used.

- Thanks to its design, the adjustments are simple and it is a very easy to operate machine.

- Two chassis types may be manufactured as normal and big chassis upon request.

- As well as boron added steels with a diameter of 560, European and domestic discs with diameters of 610 and 660 mm may be installed on our machines.

- Upon request, an curve adjusting assembly may be installed to adjust the curve without getting off the tractor.

- There are scrapers as sharp as the disc to clean the stuck soil on each disc during the operation.

- There is a discharge lubricator to visualize the discharge of the oil which is filled in the bearing together with the double mat and double roller in our bearings.

- You may cultivate your field without loosing time and opening a furrow pit with the guide disc.

- Pulleys are manufactured from the steel and their breakage was prevented because of the stone or different reasons in the field.

- There are fuses to fill water or oil into the chassis. Machine is made heavier by filling in water or oil into the chassis and operation on difficult soil conditions is provided.

- 6.00 x 16, 7,50 x 16, 10,75 x 15,3, 11,5/80 x 15,3 wheels may be installed on our machines based on the chassis.